Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter

Anne was walking down Madison Avenue in New York City when she suffered her fatal brain aneurysm in 1985.

Biography in: "The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives". Volume One, 1981-1985, pages 51-53. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1998.

Daughter Melissa with Randolph Galt.

Granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect.

Has the unique distinction of being the only actress to play two different guest villains on the original "Batman" (1966) TV show (ABC: 1966-68), having played Zelda the Great during the first season and Olga, Queen of the Bessarovian Cossacks, during the third season. For the latter, she even learned to swear in Russian! Like most performers who guested on the series, she maintained that it was an enjoyable experience.

In Italy, almost all of Anne Baxter's films were dubbed by Dhia Cristiani. She was occasionally dubbed by Lidia Simoneschi, Andreina Pagnani and once by Rosetta Calavetta in Walk on the Wild Side (1962).

Interred at Unity Chapel, Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA.

Maintained her primary residence in Easton, Connecticut on a ten acre estate from the 1970's until her death.

Measurements: 34-24-35 (1950 during All About Eve (1950)), 35 1/2-24- 35 (listed 1953) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

Mother of actress Katrina Hodiak

She and her third and last husband, David Klee, a prominent stockbroker, were working on renovations on a Connecticut home when he died unexpectedly in October of 1977 after only nine months of marriage.

She replaced Lauren Bacall as Margo Channing in the Broadway hit "Applause", the musical adaptation of "All About Eve".

The daughter of Kenneth Stuart Baxter, a sales manager, and housewife Catherine, she later had three daughters. Katrina Hodiak is a composer, married and with children. Melissa Galt (born 1961) is an interior designer in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and Maginal Galt (born 1963) is reportedly a Catholic nun residing in Rome, Italy.

Turned down the role of Polly Cutler in Niagara (1953). After her withdrawal, the film was reworked to highlight Marilyn Monroe.

Turned down the starring role in the movie Too Much, Too Soon (1958), the overly dramatic, highly fictional retelling of actress Diana Barrymore's misfortunes. The part went instead to Dorothy Malone.

Was good friends with legendary costume designer Edith Head. Head was godmother to one of Baxter's daughters.

Was initially cast in All About Eve (1950) because of her resemblance to Claudette Colbert. Miss Colbert was first signed for the role of Margo and the idea was to have Eve visually turn into Margo.

Was made Honorary Mayor of Universal City in 1970.

Was the top runner for the lead in Rebecca (1940) and completed a few tests for it before David O. Selznick decided to cast Joan Fontaine at the last minute.

Was very good friends with Actress Maureen O'Hara.