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Al Jolson

Al Jolson

Elvis Presley has said that Jolson was his idol and he recorded "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", one of Jolson's last recordings,in tribute.

A staunch supporter of the Republican Party, he wrote the theme song for the 1924 presidential campaign, "Keep Cool with Coolidge".

Adopted children (with Erle): Asa Jr (b.1948), Alicia (b.1949) Adopted son (with Ruby): Al Jr (b.1935)

Brother of vaudeville entertainer Harry Jolson [1884-1952].

Died while playing cards in his suite at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.

Distant Cousin of Actor Dave Ehrman.

First music artist to sell over 10 million copies

Has one of the most elaborate burial sites in the USA. It is so large that it can be seen from the 405 (San Diego Freeway) in Culver City. The memorial which is central to the entire park consists of a large canopy supported by six enormous white stone columns with a series of terraced blue tiled cascading waterfalls. Beneath the canopy is Mr. Jolson's black marble sarcophagus and to the side a three foot bronzed statue of the entertainer which is in his famous kneeling position - the "Mammy pose". The ceiling of the canopy has a large mosaic of Moses holding the Ten Commandments. Cascading next to the waterfalls various flowers, shrubs and trees enhance this already magnificent burial site. There is also a marble meditation bench where you can sit and take in the breathtaking splendor of the Jolson memorial as well as the beautifully manicured grounds of Hillside Memorial Park.

He failed the screen test to play himself in "Jolson Sings Again" (1949) which was attributed to his age 63 at that time.

He was awarded 3 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 6622 Hollywood Boulevard, for Radio at 6750 Hollywood Boulevard, and for Recording at 1716 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

His granddaughter Kate Jolson was a tennis star at Beverly Hills High School.

His life story is told in the stage show "Jolson" on the West End stage starring Brian Conley.

His life story told in 1999 musical "Jolson & Co", premiered off Broadway; York Theater Company production.

Host of NBC Radio's "The Shell Chateau Hour" (1935).

In a recently released 1918 draft card, Jolson gives his name as "Albert Jolson."

Interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, California, USA.

Is portrayed by Larry Parks in The Jolson Story (1946).

Is portrayed by Larry Parks in Jolson Sings Again (1949).

On August 11, 2006, in recognition of his generosity, talent, and the magnitude of his stardom, the City of New York re-named the block of Broadway that runs past the Winter Garden Theater, unveiling a street sign reading: "Al Jolson Way.".

Played a critical part in the film careers of James Cagney and Joan Blondell. Jolson owned the rights to Marie Baumer's play, "Penny Arcade" and insisted that Warner Brothers retain the two lead actors in the film version, retitled Sinners' Holiday (1930). Ironically, Cagney would never meet his benefactor, although he later starred with Jolson's then-wife Ruby Keeler in Footlight Parade (1933).