Wild River

Wild River

June Carter Cash auditioned for the role of Carol.

Elia Kazan was always fond of this movie and sometimes even said it was his favorite of all the films he made. In the 1970s he tried to buy the rights so that he could re-release it to the public, but the studio's asking price was too high for him.

Lee Remick picked out two local Charleston kids to play her children. She chose the little girl because she looked like Lee at age 7. She chose the little boy because he loved hugging and kissing Lee.

Lee Remick's favorite of all her films.

Film debut of Bruce Dern.

For the role of Chuck, Elia Kazan's first choice was Marlon Brando.

The French magazine Cahiers du Cinema named this one of the best films of the year (it was released in France in 1962), at #6.