An edited, 100-minute long feature version called "Sharad of Atlantis" was made for television

Chapter titles:
  • 1. Beneath The Ocean Floor
  • 2. Undersea Kingdom
  • 3. Arena of Death
  • 4. Revenge of The Volkites
  • 5. Prisoners of Atlantis
  • 6. Juggernaut Strikes
  • 7. Submarine Strikes
  • 8. Into The Metal Tower
  • 9. Death In The Air
  • 10. Atlantis Destroyed
  • 11. Flaming death
  • 12. Ascent To The Upperworld

The familiar trumpet call played at horse races in the U.S. to announce Post Time, known as First Call, is used to rally the troops in Chapter 4: Revenge of the Volkites . Though it may sound to some comic and strangely out of place, it was actually a military bugle call that alerted soldiers to prepare and assemble for a formation.

The serial was completed in 25 days.

The Volkite robots here, refurbished, became the "Republic Robot" that debuted in Mysterious Doctor Satan.

When Republic Studios learned that Universal was producing their "Flash Gordon" serial, they rushed this serial, using similar plot elements, into production.