Will Sheldon the script supervisor of the movie, directed some of the insert shots on the picture which took two days.

Filming in Chicago took from 14 March to 20 March. After that the cast and crew started the three day train trip back to Los Angeles.

Filming in Green Bay took 15 days.

Lon begin filming on this on March 4th, 1929.

Lon's continuing illness forced the production to shut down for 17 days in end April-May 1929. But even after the rest his health was bad.

Only a few minutes of this film have survived and the film is presumed lost.

Retakes were filmed on May 28 and June 3, 1929.

The Crew worked on the picture 16 and half hours a day including night filming in San Bernardino.

This movie was shot on the Lake Shore Division of the Chicago & North Western Railroad.

This was the last silent film made by Lon Chaney.