This movie was produced by Albert R. Broccoli (along with Irving Allen. Broccoli would later go on to produce the James Bond movies. First ever cinema James Bond Sean Connery played Major-General Robert E. Urquhart, a Maroon Beret soldier of the The 1st British Airborne in A Bridge Too Far.

This movie's closing epilogue states: "The producers of this film gratefully acknowledge the advice, assistance and facilities provided by the War Office and the Air Ministry and, above all, our thanks are due to the Officers and Men of the Airborne Forces - those men who wear the Red Beret." Apparently, on American prints of this film where this movie is called , the last stanza saying "those men who wear the Red Beret" is not included.

This movie's opening preamble states: "Somewhere in England. The Year 1940 - After Dunkirk."

This movie's opening prologue states: "This story tells of one small part of the war - The story of those men who joined the Parachute Regiment - Men from many different countries and creeds, who were to find themselves one day in a parachute training establishment. Only in the telling and in the spirit of the men themselves do history and fiction meet - even if we dare not show in this film what some of these men did in fact and in real life achieve. For nobody would ever believe it."

This was the first movie made by British Production House, Warwick Films.