Ivor Barnard was working on Paper Orchid at the same time.

Thorold Dickinson joined the production at the personal request of Anton Walbrook. Dickinson read the original Alexander Pushkin story on a Tuesday, read the script on a Wednesday and was in the studio by Saturday.

Aubrey Mallalieu died before release.

Brown Derby replaced Fred Groves.

Clement McCallin is dubbed by Gerard Case.

Gordon Begg replaced an actor who dropped out.

Pauline Tennant is dubbed by Helen Christie.

Pauline Tennant worked 14 days.

Last film of Hay Petrie.

The snow was actually made of shredded-up windows from German warplanes. Although it looked great onscreen, it was actually extremely uncomfortable for cast and crew alike.

The studio was right beside a train line and very badly soundproofed. They had to post a man on the studio roof to watch out for trains so filming could be suspended while the trains went past.

This film marked Dame Edith Evans's return to the cinema. Previously she had devoted herself to the theater, after only appearing in a couple of forgotten silent movies 35 years earlier.

When Thorold Dickinson came on board, one of his first decisions was to insist on not showing the ghost.