"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie onNovember 23, 1942 with Barbara Stanwyck reprising her film role.

A sequel starring Barbara Stanwyck, Nancy Coleman and Geraldine Fitzgerald was planned, but was never made.

Byron Barr took his character's name, Gig Young, as his screen name.

Similarities between the film's "Gaylord" family and the real "Vanderbilt" family, and the "Barclay Square" project in the film and New York's "Rockefeller Center" was noted by Variety's reviewer.

The lead role was originally offered to Bette Davis, who sent a memo to Jack L. Warner, saying, "I do wish you'd give 'The Gay Sisters' to someone else." At the time freelance actress Mary Astor was considered for the Geraldine Fitzgerald role but ultimately assigned to The Maltese Falcon instead.

Warner Bros. bought the rights to Stephen Longstreet's novel for $35,000.