"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie onJanuary 28, 1946 with Judy Garland reprising her film role.

Although establishing footage of the real Pennsylvania Station was taken for this film in New York, the actual scene that takes place between Judy Garland and Robert Walker there was filmed on a very accurate recreation of the station on an MGM soundstage.

Director Jack Conway began pre-production, shooting backgrounds on location in New York, but fell ill, and was replaced by Fred Zinnemann. Zinnemann was replaced with Vincente Minnelli following differences with Judy Garland.

In the opening scene, Robert Walker bums a light from a commuter played by none other than Arthur Freed.

In the scene where Judy Garland and Robert Walker are riding in the milk truck, the song being played over the radio is "Our Love Affair" which was a hit song from Judy's movie Strike Up the Band with Mickey Rooney.

MGM paid $50,000 for the rights to the original story.

Original director Fred Zinnemann clashed with star Judy Garland and was replaced by Vincente Minnelli.

The lady at the luncheonette counter is Moyna MacGill, Angela Lansbury's mother.

The speech Alice gives to Joe on why she knows not to worry was originally supposed to be delivered by Robert Walker. However, director Vincente Minnelli had it rewritten so that Judy Garland (whom he was dating at the time) could do it.

The wife of the milkman, played by James Gleason is Gleason's real-life wife Lucile Gleason,

The wistful piano player at the Italian restaurant is Roger Edens.

This film, Judgment at Nuremberg and A Child Is Waiting_ are Judy Garland's only non-singing movies.

When Vincente Minnelli took over as director, he recast some of former director Fred Zinnemann's choices. Minnelli replaced Hume Cronyn, Connie Gilchrist and Audrey Totter.

When Alice meets Joe for their first date, they meet under the Beaux Arts clock in the lobby of the Astor Hotel in Times Square. This then-famous hotel was built in 1904, and demolished in 1967 to make way for the One Astor Plaza office tower.