A critic of the time wrote of this film, "Composer Michael Balfe wouldn't like what Laurel and Hardy have done to his play. Then again, being Irish, perhaps he would."

Darla Hood had made only a few Our Gang entries before appearing in this film. She wore a blond wig to match Julie Bishop's hair color.

Due to depiction of Gypsies, the movie was banned in Nazi Germany.

If you look closely, you can spot Laughing Gravy sleeping in the snowy cart with Stan and Ollie.

The film ends with the kind of grotesque gag (Stan is squashed in a press, and Olilie is stretched on a rack) Stan liked and producer Hal Roach hated.

This was Thelma Todd's last screen appearance before her controversial death. In an attempt to avoid associating the film with the notoriety surrounding the event, the plot was altered and many of her already-filmed scenes were re-shot.

Zeffie Tilbury, who played the Gypsy Queen, was legally blind, and although she had little trouble on screen, she had to be led to and from the set. She played a similar part with Our Gang in "Second Childhood".