Average Shot Length = ~6.6 seconds. Median Shot Length = ~6.1 seconds.

Comic artist Frank Miller saw this movie as a boy and said: "it changed the course of my creative life". His graphic novel "300", about the Battle of Thermopylae, was the basis for for the 2007 film.

Finnish censorship certificate # 64266 delivered on 29-1-1963.

Sir Ralph Richardson has only four scenes, despite being second billed.

The film is listed in the annual "Screen World" for 1961 releases as "The Lion Of Sparta", but reappears with full photo coverage for the next issue (for 1962 releases) as "300 Spartans".

The final film for David Farrar, after which he retired to South Africa.

The photos of ancient Greek ruins used during the main credits are directly comparable with the paintings used during the main credits of The Guns of Navarone