First appearance of Shemp Howard with The Three Stooges, and his last appearance with the group until he rejoined them in 1947.

The first film appearance of The Three Stooges.

The real-life wives of The Three Stooges do not appear in this film, though the Stooges address their on-screen "wives" with the same names as their real wives. The rumor that their real-life wives appear in the film is probably because of the on-location candid pictures of the wives--error, Gertrude "Babe" Howard and Helen Howard--hat appear in several books. The rumor may have also been started from incorrect information in one of those books. A picture of the Stooges and their on-screen "wives" appears in the book "The Three Stooges--The Triumphs and Tragedies of The Most Popular Comedy Team of All Time" by Jeff Forrester and Tom Forrester.

Rube Goldberg:  a non-paying customer in Klein's restaurant.