Actor Shep Camp died from a fall during filming on 20 Nov 1929.

Believed lost. Please check your attic.

In a separately filmed trailer, Vitaphone production reel #3530, Bernice Claire appears and tells the audience about the movie.

In September 1928, Warner Bros. Pictures purchased a majority interestin First National Pictures and from that point on, all "First National" productions were actually made under Warner Bros. control, even though the two companies continued to retain separate identities until the mid-1930's, after which time "A Warner Bros.-First National Picture" was often used.

The Broadway musical "Song of the Flame" opened at the Fourty-fourth Street Theatre (New York City) on December 30, 1925 and ran for 219 performances.

Theatrically released in the USA with Sinkin' in the Bathtub as the preceding cartoon.

Vitaphone production reels #3991-3999.