Lon Chaney Jr. was the only Dracula prior to Christopher Lee to display great physical strength on screen.

Lon Chaney Jr.'s only vampire characterization, filmed January 7-early February, 1943, and released November 5.

In the film, the vampires never display any fangs. Mexico's German Robles became the first actor to show fangs as a vampire, in 1957 (Hammer's first Dracula appeared in 1958).

Part of the original "Shock Theater" package of 52 Universal titles released to television in 1957, followed a year later with "Son of Shock", which added 21 more features.

This film features the first man-into-bat transformation ever seen on camera. In Dracula no transformations were shown on screen. Both John Carradine and Bela Lugosi would get similar treatment over the next five years.