Lucille Ball, who has a supporting role in this film, would later buy the studio that made this film, RKO Studios. She and Desi Arnaz purchased it during the height of their success on I Love Lucy and renamed it Desilu Studios.

Eddie Dunn and Constantine Romanoff are in studio records/casting call lists for this movie, but they did not appear or were not identifiable.

Although she seems much older and mature, Ann Miller is only 15 years old in this film. She had lied about her age and obtained a fake birth certificate when she was about 14 years old stating that she was 18. Ms. Miller was so tall, poised and beautiful that she pulled it off.

Because The Marx Brothers are credited onscreen in the opening credits but are not in the comprehensive end credits, (where they are individually credited), the IMDb cast list uses the opening credits first, and completes them with those in the end credits not already mentioned.

The Broadway play "Room Service" opened at the Cort Theater on May 19, 1937 and ran for 500 performances (without The Marx Brothers). Cliff Dunstan, Donald MacBride, Philip Wood and Alexander Asro originated their movie roles in the play. Also in the opening night cast was Eddie Albert as Leo Davis, Betty Field as Hilda, Teddy Hart as Faker, Sam Levene as Gordon Miller and Philip Loeb (also in the movie) in a role cut from the screenplay. The play was revived in 1953 with Jack Lemmon as Leo Davis.

The only film The Marx Brothers made with R-K-O. During salary negotiations with R-K-O, erstwhile member Zeppo Marx represented The Marx Brothers, threatening to rejoin the group if their demands weren't met!

The original play was adapted into a Marx Brothers screenplay by Morrie Ryskind, who co-wrote the stage and screen versions of The Cocoanuts and Animal Crackers and also co-wrote A Night at the Opera. Much of the original play's strong language had to be toned down for the screen, into milder expletives such as "Jumping Butterballs!"

This is the first (and last) time The Marx Brothers worked with material not specially created for them.