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'Margaret O'Brien' originally considered for role of Sara Jane, that ultimately went to Susan Kohner.

Pearl Bailey was originally considered for the role of Annie Johnson.

Juanita Moore appeared as Annie Johnson in this Douglas Sirk film. Many years later, the Sirkian Technicolor 1950s melodrama homage Far from Heaven would star the similarly named Julianne Moore.

Natalie Wood was considered for the part played by Susan Kohner.

Lana Turner took a much smaller salary, than her usual $25,000 per week and worked for 50% of the film's profits, which earned her over $2 million (setting a record for an actress at the time).

Douglas Sirk's last Hollywood film before he retired back to his native Germany.

In Sarah Jane's room while she is dancing by herself, you will see a picture of Bobby Darin.

The exterior shot of Lora Meredith's lavish ranch style house would later be used for the the exterior shots of the Hart's home in the TV show Hart to Hart.