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The was the first film on which Charles Chaplin received screen credit. On all his previous comedies for Keystone, he was not credited (though credits would be added to later reissues of those films).

This film is one of Gloria Swanson's earliest screen appearances. She's the stenographer on the left that Chaplin speaks to when the film begins. She auditioned for the female lead, but Chaplin didn't see that the role suited her. She would later admit that she hated slapstick comedy and had been deliberately uncooperative.

This is the first of fourteen Essanay Films that Chaplin made after leaving Keystone when Mack Sennett would not meet the comedian's $1000 a week demands. Essanay gave him $1250. The first film, "His New Job," is the only Chaplin film made on location in Chicago.