"Dragonwyck" was recreated twice for radio: the Lux Radio Theater on 10/7/46 with Price and Tierney recreating their roles with Gale Gordon as Ephraim Wells and on 1/20/47 foe Screen Guild with Price and Langan in their original roles and 'Theresa Wright (I)' as Miranda.

"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on January 20, 1947 with Vincent Price reprising his film role.

Gregory Peck was the first choice to play Nicholas Van Ryn, but he bowed out when he learned Ernst Lubitsch was dropping out as director. When second choice Laird Cregar died, Price was assigned.

Ernst Lubitsch was intended to direct the film. When he suffered from illness, Joseph L. Mankiewicz took over.

Vincent Price lost 30lbs. for the film.

In the first cut, Miranda meets Dr. Turner on the riverboat going to Dragonwyck. Although it was cut by order of producer Zanuck, actor Glenn Langan can still be seen from behind walking toward Miranda. A brief opening scene showing Miranda reading a novel in a graveyard was also cut.

In the original novel Nicholas drowned in a vain rescue attempt after diving off a riverboat.

Last film in the long career of Vivienne Osborne.

The family name Schermerhorn, which is the subject of gossip at the ball at Dragonwyck is actually the name of writer Mankiewicz's ex-in-laws.