Ewan Hooper was dubbed.

Christopher Lee loved to recount the following tale: Hammer was given a Queen's Award to Industry while shooting the final scenes of Dracula impaled on the rocks, with a group of British government dignitaries watching as Lee thrashed around screaming and pouring with gore. After the scene wrapped, a minister turned to wife and said, "That man is a member of my club."

According to the inscription on the marker ("Gisela Heinz 1885 - 1905") of the just-stolen coffin, the date of the action in this film is within a year or so of 1905.

During production Hammer became the first film studio to be presented with the Queen's Award for Industry.

Hammer stalwart Terence Fisher was due to direct this until he was forced to bow out following an automobile accident, leaving cameraman Freddie Francis at the helm.

This was Hammer Studios's most profitable film.

This was the very first movie to receive a rating from the MPAA in 1968.