Among the items around the Evil Queen in her throne room are a bottle of Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin (the name belongs to a machine that removes seeds from raw cotton), and a box of candy labeled Chattanooga Chew-Chews (taken from "Chattanooga Choo-Choo," the title of a song popular for that time). The crest over her head on the throne includes two dice and a pair of crossed straight-razors.

Despite the title, the main character's name is So White.

One of the 11 shorts banned from TV syndication by United Artists in 1968 (then the owners of the pre-1947 color Looney Tunes shorts) for alleged racism. Ted Turner continued the ban when he acquired these cartoons and stated that these films will not be re-issued and will not be put on home video. Warner Bros., however, reacquired these shorts in 1996 when Time Warner purchased Turner Entertainment, which returned them to their original aegis for the first time since 1957. These cartoons will probably never air on television again, and only non-Warner Bros.-licensed public-domain video tapes will probably ever have these shorts on them.

The queen, with her enormous fake nose, does a brief imitation of Jimmy Durante.

This was the only short for which the animators at Warner Bros. did any research. They went to African American nightclubs to learn the slang.

When Murder Inc. comes, there is a listing of their fees as follows: We Rub out Anybody $1, Midgets 1/2 price, Japs Free.