Follows The Broadway Melody, Broadway Melody of 1936 and Broadway Melody of 1938. Another film in the series was planned, "Broadway Melody of 1943" starring Eleanor Powell and Gene Kelly. However, that project was abandoned, and a dance number filmed by Eleanor Powell was edited into Thousands Cheer.

It had been reported that Fred Astaire was intimidated by Eleanor Powell because she was one of the few female tap dancers capable of out-performing him.

Planned to be shot in Technicolor, but made in black and white.

The fur coat running gag was based on the real-life ploy of talent agent Doc Shurr.

The screenplay was based on a story by Jack McGowan and Dore Schary. Schary would go on to become head of MGM in the 1950s.

The vocals for Carmen D'Antonio were dubbed by Lois Hodnott.