Buddy Ebsen's first movie.

Preceded by The Broadway Melody and followed by Broadway Melody of 1938 and Broadway Melody of 1940. Another film in the series was planned, "Broadway Melody of 1943" starring Eleanor Powell and Gene Kelly. However, that project was abandoned, and a dance number filmed by Eleanor Powell was edited into Thousands Cheer.

Reportedly, Eleanor Powell did not want to be in this film but was too polite to directly tell MGM executives. She asked for the leading role and an exorbitant salary, and MGM accepted her demands.

The radio announcer who introduces Jack Benny is Don Wilson, the announcer on Benny's real-life radio program.

The singing voice of Eleanor Powell was dubbed by Marjorie Lane.

When retakes were needed, director Roy Del Ruth was already working on Thanks a Million, so W.S. Van Dyke directed the retakes.