Raymond Walburn (Pettigrew) and Clarence Muse (Whitey) played the same roles in Frank Capra's 1950 remake titled Riding High.

Douglass Dumbrille, Ward Bond and Charles Lane all play the same roles in the remake, Riding High, although the respective character names are different.

Frankie Darro plays jockey Williams in both this film and the its remake, Riding High. This saved considerable funds in not having to re-shoot the racing footage for the newer version.

Columbia Pictures bought the rights to the story "Broadway Bill" by Mark Hellinger for $8,000. (Source: Biography "The Mark Hellinger Story" by Jim Bishop)

In his autobiography, Frank Capra says he was disappointed in the film, mostly because Warner Baxter was deathly afraid of horses, so that he could not film many warm scenes between them. Baxter was "terrified of being bitten or kicked." It was the primary reason he remade the film Riding High with Bing Crosby, who loved horses.

Later remade as Riding High starring Bing Crosby.

Modern prints carry the Paramount logo before the opening credits and after the closing credits due to the fact that the film is now owned by Paramount, who bought the rights in order to produce the remake Riding High.