Yvette Vickers had a close call when filming her character's death scene. A large nail on one of the boards from the fallen debris stood dangerously close to her head.

According to Yvette Vickers, the suggestion for her sexy dance came from Frank Chase, brother of dancer Barrie Chase, who played the deputy Charlie.

Director Nathan Juran insisted on being billed as "Nathan Hertz" (Hertz was Juran's middle name), apparently because he was embarrassed by this film's low budget and poor quality.

Several years later, the Woolner Brothers planned to do a bigger budget sequel to be shot in Cinemascope and color. A final script was written and printed. The film never went into production.

The giant bald space alien is played by Michael Ross. He can also be spotted playing the bartender.

The movie's poster was as #8 of "The 25 Best Movie Posters Ever" by Premiere.

This film was made right after the success of Sputnik. The alien spacecraft is called a "satellite" because the writer thought that meant any spherical shaped spacecraft.