Alfredo Codona, a famed trapeze artist, and the only one in the world who had built a triple black flip into his regular act, worked on the film as a consultant.

Film historian and collector William K. Everson stated that the only surviving print was lost by actress Mary Duncan who had borrowed it from Fox Studios.

Fox first released the film with only a synchronized musical score, but then withdrew it to reshoot the last two reels with sound.

In the 2003 release of Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans on DVD, Fox Presented, as an extra, a reconstitution of what this movie might have been like. By combining voiceovers, photographs and conceptual sketches, this is the closest one can get to this lost masterpiece.

In the original ending of the film, the two lead characters died. After a preview, when it was discovered that a third of the audience didn't like the ending, several alternates were shot. The general release version of the film ended with the two characters living.

This film is presumed lost. Please check your attic.