John Blythe is often credited being in this but he was not part of the project. He does not appear in the Robert Lennard casting papers nor was he on any shortlist for any role

Donald Pleasence also appeared in the 1954 television version, playing the character of Syme which in the film is amalgamated with that of Parsons.

Mogens Wieth was favored to play the Michael Redgrave role.

John Vernon's first TV role.

Stanley Van Beers was a possible for Parsons.

Carol Wolveridge was paid £120 for three days' work.

Fred Berger was among those thought suitable for Charrington.

Nina Parry and Cheryl Molineaux were considered for the role of Selina.

Barry Sullivan was among the actors thought suitable for Winston Smith.

During filming, Jan Sterling was pregnant with her son Adams Douglas, so she was given a certificate by the crew proclaiming him to be an honorary member of the cast.

In PR and other cast lists the character that Patrick Allen plays is listed as playing Inner Party Official, but in production paperwork he is called Faber.