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Our Hospitality

February 23, 2019 <m>(Saturday)
Edison Theater / Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum
37417 Niles Blvd.
Fremont, California 94536 (US)

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7:30 pm

Jon Mirsalis (Kurzweil keyboard)

Our Hospitality (1923, Buster Keaton Productions) Willie McKay (Buster Keaton) falls in love with Virginia Canfield (Natalie Talmadge), only to discover the McKay and Canfield families have been feuding for years and he is targeted as the next victim. As usual, Buster turns this dramatic situation into a classic comedy. First time on our screen.

Preceded by shorts:

Dream Picture (1925, Oakland Tribune/American Theater) Lance & Mabel Nicholson

Crash Project (1920s) Unsuccessful airplanes

A Woman in Grey: Chapter XI, Fight for Life (1919, Serico Producing Co.) Arline Pretty

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