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The Wheels of Chance

February 15, 2020 <m>(Saturday)
Cornell Cinema
Willard Straight Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853 (US)

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Humble shop assistant Mr. Hoopdriver has taken enough bike-riding lessons to attempt to take his holiday on the road. Meanwhile, young socialite Jessie Milton dreams of an independen life away from her wealthy stepmother and accepts an offer from fortune-hunting cad Mr. Bechamel, who has his own plans. When the two cross paths, Hoopdriver attempts to rescue Jessie from Bechamel, win her heart, and be back at work after holiday, in this bicycling adventure based upon a lesser-known comic novel by H. G. Wells. Much of the humor is derived from the fact that Mr. Hoopdriver, despite his name, is not a very good bicyclist!

Accompanied live by a brand-new score composed by Dr. Philip Carli, performed by Philip Carli (piano), Tammy Keller (cello) & David Shemancik (clarinet).

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