The "Take Two!" Blogathon

From October 20, 2022 <m>(Thursday)
To October 22, 2022 <m>(Saturday)

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The "Take Two!" Blogathon
Thurs., Oct. 20, 2022-Sat., Oct. 22, 2022
Hometowns to Hollywood
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While Classic Hollywood explored numerous original storylines, remakes were also a common occurrence. Studios would revisit their previous films with more current contract players or even reimagine non-musical films as musical remakes. In other cases, stories would even be altered or expanded to accommodate additional scenes and characters. Hometowns to Hollywood is excited to present its seventh official blogathon, entitled "The 'Take Two!' Blogathon." This blogathon will focus on remakes of all kinds occurring during Hollywood's Golden Age or more contemporary remakes of Hollywood classics. Visit the Blogathon Page to read entries as they are posted.


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