The Other Than A Bond Girl Blogathon

From July 01, 2022 <m>(Friday)
To July 03, 2022 <m>(Sunday)

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Pale Writer and I celebrate the careers of a dozen different Bond girl actresses in our blogathon tribute to the James Bond franchise...

The Other Than A Bond Girl Blogathon will be held from 1st to 3rd July 2022. With so many ladies to choose from, Gabriela and I each chose one Bond girl for the six Bonds and you can only select your choice from these women.

So here in no particular order are those actresses… as I chose (with the "help" of Darlin Husband)…and my co-host, Gabriela…

Sean Connery… Honor Blackman and Luciana Paluzzi

George Lazenby… Diana Rigg and  Joanna Lumley

Roger Moore… Caroline Munro and Barbara Bach

Timothy Dalton… Maryam D'Abo and Carey Lowell

Pierce Brosnan… Teri Hatcher and Sophie Marceau

Daniel Craig… Monica Belucci and Eva Green

ALL you have to do is review a film or TV show or write about one of these actresses.. and check out our pages for those all important rules, our choices... and to grab a banner!

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