The Odd Or Even Blogathon

From January 20, 2022 <m>(Thursday)
To January 23, 2022 <m>(Sunday)

Event Details

The Odd Or Even Blogathon...

A nice and easy Blogathon to ease you into 2022, as you come to play our little game of chance. Rebecca from Taking Up Room and Realweegiemidget Reviews are holding our annual January blogathon called The Odd Or Even Blogathon and we want you to join us…

And the topic has you simply reviewing a film or TV episode or TV Movie released on an odd or an even-numbered year. The blogathon will be run from the 20th to the 23rd of January 2022. But here's the twist… we want two review choices and we will pick your choice at random… by tossing a coin and telling you just which you will be reviewing...

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