The Celluloid Road Trip Blogathon

From December 09, 2020 <m>(Wednesday)
To December 11, 2020 <m>(Friday)

Event Details

Introducing the "Celluloid Road Trip" Blogathon!

Dreaming of travels, Hometowns to Hollywood is excited to present its fifth official blogathon, entitled "Celluloid Road Trip." This blogathon will focus upon Hollywood depictions of cities throughout the United States. While Hollywood productions were sometimes shot on location, in many other cases, the were not. Nonetheless, through movie magic, studios were able to portray their imagined depictions of the intended locations in which their stories were set.

Join Hometowns to Hollywood for this imagined road trip by sharing your articles about films set anywhere within the United States. In the end, when all articles are compiled, we'll have a lovely list of destinations spotlighted on our journey through films.

The Celluloid Road Trip Blogathon will run from December 9th through December 11th in 2020.

Rules and Information:

  • Bloggers are encouraged to write about any film featuring or focused upon a particular location within the United States. The film need not be shot on location.

  • If we do get an ample amount of participants, I'll be reconnecting with participants to see if there is interest in contributing to an ebook that will document this blogathon.
  • Please let me know your film of choice and the location it focuses upon.
  • There are many classic Hollywood films that are set in a wide array of locations. Please avoid repeat submissions for a particular location.
  • Bloggers will post their articles anytime between December 9th-11th and will alert me of the post either as a comment or through email.


  • If you would like to participate in the Celluloid Road Trip Blogathon, please comment below or email me and let me know your name, topic choice (film name and location focused upon), and the link to your blog.

  • Banners are also available on the mentioned page.

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