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Lonely Are the Brave

From March 28, 2020 <m>(Saturday)
To March 29, 2020 <m>(Sunday)
The Belcourt Theater
2102 Belcourt Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37212 (US)

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Jack Burns (Kirk Douglas), a roaming cowboy whose fierce individualism is at odds with contemporary urban values, emerges from the mountains when he learns that his friend Paul Bondi (Michael Kane) has been jailed for helping illegal immigrants cross the border into the United States. Deliberately jeopardizing his own freedom to join his old pal Bondi behind bars, Burns is greeted by a virtual stranger. Bondi's tamed spirit and conventional outlook force Burns to address the very real mortality of his old-fashioned idealism. He makes a break for the border on his beloved horse Whiskey, determined to preserve his chosen lifestyle.

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