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September 18, 2019 <m>(Wednesday)
Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University
Building E, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60625 (US)

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What may appear at first glance to be a mere regional American Graffiti impersonator, hoping to nab some leftover dollars from that 1973 cash cow, is, in fact, a little-seen rowdy ode to movies, moviegoers, and small-town Texas weirdos. Directed by the decidedly not-Texan Rod Amateau (also responsible for the pile of gross that is The Garbage Pail Kids Movie) and penned by Bob Peete (known for his writing on "Good Times"), Drive-In is a frenetic mess of characters and plotlines all crashing into one another eventually at The Alamo, a local drive-in screening "Disaster 76" (possibly the greatest action film never made). Energized by a soundtrack of nonstop country hits and swarming with mostly unknown Texan actors - though some may recognize character actors Trey Wilson, Bill McGhee, or future Playboy Bunny Ashley Cox - you may ask after the credits roll, "What actually happened in this film?" The answer is both nothing and everything. Complete with an attempted robbery, a hostage situation, a minor teenage feminist awakening, not one but two vans filled with delinquent teen gang members, and a gasp-inducing scene at the local roller rink, this film, to use the local parlance (as one must), "is busier than a belly dancer with a case of crabs." (RL)

96 min • Columbia Pictures • 35mm from Sony Pictures Repertory

Short: McQ: A Condensation (Unknown Artist, c. 1974) - 18 min - 35mm

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