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A Bigger Splash

October 12, 2019 <m>(Saturday)
Charles Theatre
1711 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland MD 21201 (US)
Phone: (410) 727-FILM

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"Jack Hazan's A Bigger Splash stands between documentary and fictional film, reality and fantasy. Following influential pop artist David Hockney in a particularly uncreative period in the early 1970s as his relationship with muse Peter Schlesinger deteriorates, the film is ostensibly a portrait of the artist as an uninspired man. But Hazan dispenses with many of the familiar conventions of documentary filmmaking that would become de rigueur in years to come. Instead of having, say, talking heads discuss his subject's life and art, Hazan presents Hockney and the people in the artist's orbit as essentially living in one of his paintingsā€¦." (Wes Greene, Slant)

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