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8 People Died On January 8

Lee Dixon


Lee Dixon
Born on Jan 22, 1914 in Brooklyn, NY
Died on Jan 08, 1953 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Varsity Show, Angel and the Badman, Gold Diggers of 1937, Ready, Willing, and Able and The Singing Marine

Wesley Ruggles


Wesley Ruggles
Born on Jun 11, 1889 in Los Angeles, CA
Died on Jan 08, 1972 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Somewhere I'll Find You, Slightly Dangerous, College Humor, Sing You Sinners and Arizo

Gr?goire Aslan


Krikor Aslanian
Born on Mar 28, 1908 in unknown, Switzerland
Died on Jan 08, 1982 in Cornwall, England
Fan Favorite Films:



Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens
Born on Jul 14, 1911 in London, England
Died on Jan 08, 1990 in Godalming, England
Fan Favorite Films: Things to Come, Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River, Quiet Wedding, Brass Monkey and Strange Bedfellows

Anthony Dawson


Anthony Dawson
Born on Oct 18, 1916 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Died on Jan 08, 1992 in Sussex, England
Fan Favorite Films: From Russia with Love, Libel, Triple Cross, Thunderball and Dr. No

Pat Buttram


Maxwell Emmett Buttram
Born on Jun 19, 1915 in Addison, AL
Died on Jan 08, 1994 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Wild in the Country, Roustabout, Twilight of Honor, The Rescuers and The Old West

Yvonne De Carlo


Margaret Yvonne Middleton
Born on Sep 01, 1922 in Vancouver, Canada
Died on Jan 08, 2007 in Woodland Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tomahawk, Magic Fire, Song of Scheherazade and McLintock!

Patsy Garrett


Virginia Garrett
Born on May 04, 1921 in Atlantic City, NJ
Died on Jan 08, 2015 in Indio, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Chapman Report, Divorce American Style, Dear Heart, Wicked, Wicked and The Trouble with Girls

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