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11 People Born On October 14

Tom Santschi


Paul William Santschi
Born on Oct 14, 1878 in Lucerne, Switzerland
Died on Apr 09, 1931 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: In Old Arizona, The Spoilers, The Spoilers, 3 Bad Men and Old San Francisco

Jimmy Conlin


Jimmy Conlin
Born on Oct 14, 1884 in Camden, NJ
Died on May 07, 1962 in Encino, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Shining Hour, Mannequin, Slightly Dangerous, The Lady Eve and Captains Courageous

Clarence Muse


Clarence Muse
Born on Oct 14, 1889 in Baltimore, MD
Died on Oct 13, 1979 in Perris, CA
Fan Favorite Films: God is My Co-Pilot, Outside the Law, Two Smart People, Huckleberry Finn and Double Indemnity

Frank Conroy


Frank Parish Conroy
Born on Oct 14, 1890 in Derby, England
Died on Feb 24, 1964 in Paramus, NJ
Fan Favorite Films: Crash Dive, Rogues' Regiment, Hell Divers, I Live My Life and Dante's Inferno

Lillian Gish


Lillian Diana Gish
Born on Oct 14, 1893 in Springfield, OH
Died on Feb 27, 1993 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Duel in the Sun, Broken Blossoms, Lord Chumley, La Bohème and The Night of the Hunter

Benita Hume


Benita Humm
Born on Oct 14, 1906 in London, England
Died on Nov 01, 1967 in Egerton, England
Fan Favorite Films: Suzy, Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus, Reserved for Ladies, Service for Ladies and Looking Forwar

Allan Jones


Theodore Allen Jones
Born on Oct 14, 1907 in Old Forge, PA
Died on Jun 22, 1992 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: The Firefly, A Day at the Races, A Night at the Opera, Show Boat and One Night in the Tropics

Leon Becker


Leon Becker
Born on Oct 14, 1914 in unknown, CA
Died on Jul 02, 1987 in San Bernardino, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Guns of Navarone,

Robert Webber


Robert L. Webber
Born on Oct 14, 1924 in Santa Ana, CA
Died on May 19, 1989 in Malibu, CA
Fan Favorite Films: 12 Angry Men, The Dirty Dozen, The Sandpiper, The Silencers and The Nun and the Sergeant

Roger Moore


Roger George Moore
Born on Oct 14, 1927 in Stockwell, England
Died on May 23, 2017 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Fan Favorite Films: House of Strangers, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Luxury Liner, Slightly Dangerous and A Stranger in Tow

Jacqueline Beer


Jacqueline Beer
Born on Oct 14, 1932 in Paris, France
Fan Favorite Films: Pillow Talk, The Buccaneer, The Man Who Understood Women, The Prize and Screaming Eagles

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