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12 People Born On June 22

Lule Warrenton


Lule Warrenton
Born on Jun 22, 1862 in Flint, MI
Died on May 14, 1932 in Laguna Beach, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Samson, Secret Love, The Werewolf, A Fugitive from Matrimony and When a Man Rides Alone

Charles Murray


Charles Murray
Born on Jun 22, 1872 in Laurel, IN
Died on Jul 29, 1941 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: His New Profession, The Masquerader, Mabel's Married Life, Breaking the Ice and Tillie's Punctured Romance

David Burns


David Burns
Born on Jun 22, 1901 in New York City, NY
Died on Mar 12, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fan Favorite Films: Knock on Wood, Deep in My Heart, The Path of Glory, Sidewalks of London and Fourteen Hours

Naunton Wayne


Henry Wayne Davies
Born on Jun 22, 1901 in Llanwonno, Wales
Died on Nov 17, 1970 in Surbiton, England
Fan Favorite Films: The Lady Vanishes, Something Always Happens, Highly Dangerous, A Girl Must Live and The Frightened Bride

Marguerite De La Motte


Marguerite De La Motte
Born on Jun 22, 1902 in Duluth, MN
Died on Mar 10, 1950 in San Francisco, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Iron Mask, The Three Musketeers, The Mark of Zorro, The Famous Mrs. Fair and Cheaper to Marry

Billy Wilder


Samuel WIlder
Born on Jun 22, 1906 in Sucha, Galcia, Austria-Hungary (now Poland)
Died on Mar 27, 2002 in Beverly Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Sunset Boulevard, Kiss Me, Stupid, Some Like It Hot, The Apartment and Double Indemnity

Buddy Adler


E. Maurice Adler
Born on Jun 22, 1909 in New York City, NY
Died on Jul 12, 1960 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Hatful of Rain, South Pacific, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing and Heaven Knows, Mr. Alliso

Michael Todd


Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen
Born on Jun 22, 1909 in Minneapolis, MN
Died on Mar 22, 1958 in Grants, NM
Fan Favorite Films: Around the World in Eighty Days,

Richard Eastham


Dickinson Swift Eastham
Born on Jun 22, 1916 in Opelousas, LA
Died on Jul 10, 2005 in Pacific Palisades, CA
Fan Favorite Films: That Darn Cat!, There's No Business Like Show Business, Not with My Wife, You Don't!, Toby Tyler and Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus

Paul Frees


Solomon Hersh Frees
Born on Jun 22, 1920 in Chicago, IL
Died on Nov 02, 1986 in Tiburon, CA
Fan Favorite Films: In Cold Blood, Wild And Woolfy, Flight from Ashiya, A Gathering of Eagles and Tower of Londo

Gower Champion


Gower Champion
Born on Jun 22, 1921 in Geneva, IL
Died on Aug 25, 1980 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Three for the Show, Jupiter's Darling, Give a Girl a Break, Show Boat and Till the Clouds Roll By

Ralph Waite


Ralph Waite
Born on Jun 22, 1928 in White Plains, NY
Died on Feb 13, 2014 in Palm Desert, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Lovely Way to Die, Cool Hand Luke, Lawman, 25 Hill and The Borgia Stick

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