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7 People Born On July 5

Jean Cocteau


Born on Jul 05, 1889 in Maisons-Laffitte, France
Died on Oct 11, 1963 in Milly-la-Foret, France
Fan Favorite Films:

Tim Ryan


Timothy Thomas Ryan
Born on Jul 05, 1899 in Bayonne, NJ
Died on Oct 22, 1956 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Asphalt Jungle, Ball of Fire, Force of Evil, The Strawberry Blonde and It Started with Eve

Reed Howes


Hermon Reed Howes
Born on Jul 05, 1900 in Washington, DC
Died on Aug 06, 1964 in Woodland Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Task Force, Hell Divers, Buck Rogers, State Fair and The Stranger Wore a Gu

Edward Woods


Edward Woods
Born on Jul 05, 1903 in Los Angeles, CA
Died on Oct 08, 1989 in Salt Lake City, UT
Fan Favorite Films: Dinner at Eight, The Public Enemy, Shadows Over Shanghai, They Never Come Back and Hot Saturday

Milburn Stone


Milburn Stone
Born on Jul 05, 1904 in Burrton, KS
Died on Jun 12, 1980 in La Jolla, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Reap the Wild Wind, No Man of Her Own (1950), Johnny Apollo and Young Mr. Lincol

Warren Oates


Warren Mercer Oates
Born on Jul 05, 1928 in Depoy, KY
Died on Apr 03, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Wild Bunch, In the Heat of the Night, Yellowstone Kelly, Ride the High Country and Major Dundee

Shirley Knight


Shirley Enola Knight
Born on Jul 05, 1936 in Goessel, KS
Died on Apr 22, 2020 in San Marcos, TX
Fan Favorite Films: Flight from Ashiya, Picnic, Ice Palace, The Group and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

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