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9 People Born On January 23

Franklin Pangborn


Franklin Pangborn
Born on Jan 23, 1889 in Newark, NJ
Died on Jul 20, 1958 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Bank Dick, My Man Godfrey, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Carefree and Imitation of Life

Raymond Griffith


Raymond Griffith
Born on Jan 23, 1895 in Boston, MA
Died on Nov 25, 1957 in Masquers Club, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: Second Honeymoon, Cardinal Richelieu, Les Miserables, Day-Time Wife and The Mark of Zorro

Randolph Scott


George Randolph Scott
Born on Jan 23, 1898 in Orange County, VA
Died on Mar 02, 1987 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: Follow the Fleet, Island of Lost Souls, The Stranger Wore a Gun, Man in the Saddle and The Spoilers

David Hand


David Dodd Hand
Born on Jan 23, 1900 in Plainfield, NJ
Died on Oct 11, 1986 in San Luis Obispo, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Thru the Mirror, Mickey's Polo Team, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi and The Three Little Wolves

Dan Duryea


Dan Duryea
Born on Jan 23, 1907 in White Plains, NY
Died on Jun 07, 1968 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Flight of the Phoenix, Ball of Fire, Scarlet Street, The Pride of the Yankees and Black Angel

Bob Steele


Robert Adrian Bradbury
Born on Jan 23, 1907 in Portland, OR
Died on Dec 21, 1988 in Burbank, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Of Mice and Men, The Longest Day, Rio Bravo, The Comancheros and The Spoilers

Ernie Kovacs


Ernest Edward Kovacs
Born on Jan 23, 1919 in Trenton, NJ
Died on Jan 13, 1962 in Beverly Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: North to Alaska, Bell, Book and Candle, Pepe, Our Man in Havana and Wake Me When It's Over

Jeanne Moreau


Jeanne Moreau
Born on Jan 23, 1928 in Paris, France
Died on Jul 31, 2017 in Paris, France
Fan Favorite Films: The Sailor from Gibraltar, La Notte, Chimes at Midnight, 5 Branded Women and The Trial

Arlene Golonka


Arlene Golonka
Born on Jan 23, 1936 in Chicago, IL
Fan Favorite Films: Love with the Proper Stranger, Hang 'Em High, The Busy Body, Penelope and Leather Jacket Love Story

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