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Top Classic Detectives Movies

1 . After the Thin Man (1936)William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart, Elissa Landi score
2 . The Thin Man (1934)William Powell, Myrna Loy, Maureen O'Sullivan, Nat Pendleton score
3 . Another Thin Man (1939)William Powell, Myrna Loy, Virginia Grey, Otto Kruger score
4 . The Maltese Falcon (1941)Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre score
5 . Vertigo (1958)James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Tom Helmore score
6 . Laura (1944)Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price score
7 . Sherlock Jr. (1924)Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire score
8 . Song of the Thin Man (1947)William Powell, Myrna Loy, Keenan Wynn, Dean Stockwell score
9 . In the Heat of the Night (1967)Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates, Lee Grant score
10 . Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951)Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Nancy Guild, Arthur Franz score
11 . Murder, My Sweet (1944)Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger score
12 . A Shot in the Dark (1964)Peter Sellers, Elke Sommer, George Sanders, Herbert Lom score
13 . The Big Heat (1953)Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Alexander Scourby, Lee Marvin score
14 . The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Ida Lupino, Alan Marshal score
15 . The Naked City (1948)Barry Fitzgerald, Dorothy Hart, Don Taylor, Frank Conroy score
16 . The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)Richard Greene, Basil Rathbone, Wendy Barrie, Nigel Bruce score
17 . The Pink Panther (1963)David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine score
18 . Big Brown Eyes (1936)Cary Grant, Joan Bennett, Walter Pidgeon, Lloyd Nolan score
19 . The Scarlet Claw (1944)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Paul Cavanagh, Arthur Hohl score
20 . Kiss Me Deadly (1955)Albert Dekker, Wesley Addy, Cloris Leachman, Gaby Rodgers score
21 . The Pearl of Death (1944)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey, Evelyn Ankers score
22 . The Woman in Green (1945)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Henry Daniell, Paul Cavanagh score
23 . Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey, Halliwell Hobbes score
24 . Appointment with Danger (1951)Alan Ladd, Phyllis Calvert, Jan Sterling, Jack Webb score
25 . Crime of Passion (1957)Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden, Raymond Burr, Fay Wray score
26 . Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Evelyn Ankers, Reginald Denny score
27 . Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Marjorie Lord, Henry Daniell score
28 . Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Lionel Atwill, Kaaren Verne score
29 . The House of Fear (1945)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Aubrey Mather, Dennis Hoey score
30 . Terror by Night (1946)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey, Renee Godfrey score
31 . Lady in the Lake (1947)Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully score
32 . No Way to Treat a Lady (1968)Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, George Segal, Eileen Heckart score
33 . The Spider Woman (1944)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gale Sondergaard, Dennis Hoey score
34 . Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (1949)Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Boris Karloff, James Flavin score
35 . Bulldog Drummond (1929)Ronald Colman, Claud Allister, Montagu Love, Wilson Benge score
36 . Pursuit to Algiers (1945)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Rosalind Ivan, Martin Kosleck score
37 . The Detective (1968)Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, Jack Klugman, Horace McMahon score
38 . 15 Maiden Lane (1936)Claire Trevor, Cesar Romero, Douglas Fowley, Lloyd Nolan score
39 . Sherlock Holmes (1932)Clive Brook, Herbert Mundin, Reginald Owen, C. Montague Shaw score
40 . Tony Rome (1967)Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John, Richard Conte, Gena Rowlands score
41 . Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)Boris Karloff, Ralph Byrd, Milton Parsons, Ernie Adams score
42 . Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947)Ralph Byrd, Jack Lambert, Ian Keith, Jimmy Conlin score
43 . T-Men (1947)Dennis O'Keefe, Wallace Ford, June Lockhart, Charles McGraw score
44 . Lady In Cement (1968)Frank Sinatra, Raquel Welch, Richard Conte, Martin Gabel score
45 . Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)B?la Lugosi, Leon Ames, Bert Roach, D'Arcy Corrigan score
46 . Detective Story (1951)Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker, William Bendix, Cathy O'Donnell score
47 . Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Ian Keith, Esther Howard score
48 . Fast and Furious (1939)Franchot Tone, Ann Sothern, Ruth Hussey, Lee Bowman score
49 . Dressed to Kill (1946)Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Patricia Morison, Edmund Breon score
50 . Doomed to Die (1940)Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, Henry Brandon score
51 . Who Done It? (1942)Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Patric Knowles, William Gargan score
52 . The Fatal Hour (1940)Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, Charles Trowbridge score
53 . The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)Arthur Wontner, Lyn Harding, Ben Welden score
54 . The Maltese Falcon (1931)Bebe Daniels, Ricardo Cortez, Dudley Digges, Una Merkel score
55 . Private Eyes (1953)Huntz Hall, William Forrest, Chick Chandler, David Gorcey score
56 . House of Bamboo (1955)Robert Ryan, Robert Stack, Brad Dexter, Sessue Hayakawa score
57 . The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)Warren William, Margaret Lindsay, Donald Woods, Claire Dodd score
58 . The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930)Warner Oland, Jean Arthur, Neil Hamilton, William Austin score
59 . Gunn (1967)Craig Stevens, Albert Paulsen, J. Pat O'Malley, Regis Toomey score
60 . Remember Last Night? (1935)Edward Arnold, Robert Young, George Meeker, Sally Eilers score
61 . The Fast and the Furious (1955)John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Iris Adrian, Roger Corman score
62 . Accused of Murder (1956)David Brian, Vera Ralston, Sidney Blackmer, Virginia Grey score
63 . Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951)Walter Pidgeon, Robert Beatty, David Tomlinson, Bernard Lee score
64 . The Gay Falcon (1941)George Sanders, Wendy Barrie, Allen Jenkins, Gladys Cooper score
65 . A Woman of Affairs (1928)Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone, Johnny Mack Brown score
66 . The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929)Clive Brook, Donald Crisp, Harry T. Morey score
67 . The Gorilla (1939)Anita Louise, Patsy Kelly, Lionel Atwill, B?la Lugosi score
68 . The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1934)B?la Lugosi, Wallace Ford, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Forrest Taylor score
69 . The Third Secret (1964)Stephen Boyd, Jack Hawkins, Richard Attenborough, Diane Cilento score
70 . There's Always a Woman (1938)Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor, Jerome Cowan score
71 . Family Plot (1976)Bruce Dern, Barbara Harris, Edith Atwater, William Prince score
72 . The Big Store (1941)Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Tony Martin score
73 . The Death Kiss (1932)David Manners, Adrienne Ames, B?la Lugosi, John Wray score
74 . Night Moves (1975)Gene Hackman, Susan Clark, Kenneth Mars score

This chart uses a weighted rating based on the average rating per film and the number of votes per film.