The Blackboard Jungle

The Blackboard Jungle (1954)

Novel: The Blackboard Jungle ()
Published/Performed: 1954

Author: Evan Hunter
Born: Oct 15, 1926 New York City, NY
Passed: Jul 6, 2005 Weston, CT

Film: Blackboard Jungle
Released: 1955

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About the Novel The Blackboard Jungle:

Evan Hunter (October 15, 1926 ? July 6, 2005) was an American author and screenwriter. Born Salvatore Albert Lombino, he legally adopted the name Evan Hunter in 1952. While successful and well-known as Evan Hunter, he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.

While looking to start a career as a writer, Lombino took a variety of jobs, including 17 days as a teacher at Bronx Vocational High School in September 1950. This experience would later form the basis for his 1954 novel The Blackboard Jungle.

The novel was adapted into the 1955 film, Blackboard Jungle, directed by Richard Brooks and starring Glenn Ford.

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