Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride (1949)

Novel: Father of the Bride ()
Published/Performed: 1949

Author: Edward Streeter
Born: Aug 1, 1891 Buffalo, NY
Passed: Mar 31, 1976 New York City, NY

Film: Father of the Bride
Released: 1950

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About the Novel Father of the Bride:

Edward Streeter (August 1, 1891 in Buffalo, New York - March 31, 1976 in New York City) was an American novelist and journalist, best known for the 1949 novel Father of the Bride and his Dere Mable series.

Published in 1949, the comic satire Father of the Bride became an instant bestseller and was listed among The New York Times list of bestselling novels for the year. The following year, it was adapted into a successful film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor.

In all of his novels, Streeter showed remarkable perception into human nature, and a wonderfully erudite dry wit. If there is a basic theme to his main characters, it is that they are usually men who feel put-upon, but eventually realize that they are taking themselves much too seriously (Father of the Bride, Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter, and Mr. Hobbs' Vacation are typical examples.)

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