“The Original Christmas Classics” DVD Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of December 9)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll go down in history…
“The Original Christmas Classics” DVD Giveaway!

A big week for giveaways… There’s been a change of plans! In order to ensure winners receive their prizes before Christmas, we’ve moved up the contest! So instead of giving away one copy of the DVD each of the following weeks through Dec 31, we’ve decided to give away all FOUR remaining copies THIS WEEK!


In order to qualify for this week’s Original Christmas Classics DVD Giveaway on Twitter, you must complete the following task by Saturday, December 13 at 7PM EST (i.e. any time between now and December 13 at 7PM EST). We will pick FOUR winners via random drawing and announce on Twitter the next day (Sunday).

The Original Christmas Classics DVD Set includes seven holiday favorites: Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerSanta Claus is Coming To TownFrosty the SnowmanFrosty ReturnsMr. Magoo’s Christmas CarolThe Little Drummer Boy, and Cricket on the Hearth!

The Original Christmas Classics DVD Set


ENTRY TASK (2-parts):

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post 

2) Then TWEET (not DM) the following message:
Just entered to win “The Original Christmas Classics” DVD courtesy of @ClassicMovieHub 
BY Saturday, December 13 at 7PM EST

We all know “the most famous reindeer of all” but can you name one of the other eight reindeers on Santa’s team?

AND — I am happy to say that Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) AND Canadian entrants are eligible to enter. (see contest rules for further information)

BlogHub members ARE also eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above) and/or Canada.

And if you can’t wait to win this fabulous and fun DVD Set, you can purchase it on amazon via the below link (click on image):


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub


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23 Responses to “The Original Christmas Classics” DVD Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of December 9)

  1. Erika C. says:

    Another reindeer was also Prancer. 🙂

  2. Dorothy Winnett says:

    I will say Vixen. My favorite from The Year Without A Santa Claus.

  3. Jill Goldstein says:

    One reindeer? Really? Dasher!

    Why are Dasher and Dancer always drinking coffee? Because they are his “Star”bucks!

  4. Nicole Miller says:

    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen

  5. bill norris says:


  6. Maddy says:

    Blitzen! Fingers crossed!

  7. Joan O'Malley says:

    Donner! Hoping to win to these great shows with my granddaughter!

  8. Bernie W says:

    Dancer is one of Santa’s Reinder, Thanks for the giveaway. I tweeted on twitter.

  9. Frances Winnett says:

    Prancer, because he prances all the way.

  10. Lori @chezsister says:

    I know Dasher!

  11. Victoria Rendon says:


  12. Teresa says:

    My favorite, Donner!

  13. Carroll Kruger says:

    Blitzen!! I always loved that name.

  14. Jim Phoel says:

    Dasher, dancer, Prancer, vixen, comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

  15. Susan Mazza says:

    Dasher, Donner and Vixen are my “other” favorite reindeer.

  16. Bradley H Lobdell Sr says:

    Sneezy? Blitzen.

  17. Jeannie Hobkirk says:

    Dasher dancer prancer vixen comet cupid Donner & blitzen.
    Of course Rudolph was the hero of the night.

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