TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar: CMH Picks for Week Four (Feb 22)


Turner Classic Movies: 31 Days of Oscar

CMH Picks: Week Four

Saturday February 22: The Red Shoes at 8:00PM
2 Wins: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration Color, Best Music-Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture; 3 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Writing-Motion Picture Story, Best Film Editing 1949


But really, just LOOK at those colors

This is one of the most visually stunning movies you will ever see. In fact, I can say, with no reserve, that this film possesses the best use of Technicolor ever. The ballet sequence, which lasts an entire 15 minutes, is one of the most breathtaking visuals ever put on screen.


Sunday February 23: You Can’t Take it With You at 10:00PM
2 Wins: Best Picture, Best Director; 5 Nominations: Best Actress, Best Writing-Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound-Recording, Best Film Editing 1939

you cant take it with you

Basically a typical day in my apartment!

Most of the time, a story of star-crossed lovers is a tragic tale that details the failure of society to accept love over greed and the status quo. Thanks, Shakespeare. But sometimes it’s a zany romp where people realize that love is far more important than money. Thankfully, You Can’t Take it with You is the latter.


Monday February  24: The Grand Illusion at 10:00AM
1 Nomination: Best Picture 1939


This man bleeds majestic

In terms of war films, WWI really gets the shaft, but this film more than makes up for it. I consider it to be one of the best war films ever made because the war is in the background — even though the story takes place in a German P.O.W camp. The film analyzes how class differences affect the relationship between the characters, rather than their actual countries of origin, and how a German officer of the dying aristocracy can relate more to a fellow aristocrat who is prison, than his own men.  The film also features one of my favorite performances of all time: Eric von Stroheim as the crippled Captain von Rauffenstein.  


Tuesday February 25: Lifeboat at 8:30AM
3 Nominations: Best Director, Best Writing-Original Story, Best Cinematography-Black-and-White 1945

Twentieth Century Fox-Inside the Photo Archive

Tallulah Bankhead. The only person who can shock Hitchcock

I’m recommending this film because, well, I know that not very many people have seen it. In my humble opinion, it ranks along with The Trouble with Harry as one of Hitchcock’s most underrated films and features what I consider to be the best cast ensemble of any Hitchcock film.  So please, if you have to work at 8:30PM, DVR it. It’s worth the hard drive space.


Wednesday February 26: The Little Foxes at 10:00PM
9 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress (2), Best Director, Best Writing-Screenplay, Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration – Black-and-White, Best Film Editing, Best Music-Scoring of a Dramatic Picture 1942

Little Foxes (1941) - regina

William Wyler directing Bette Davis ans Teresa Wright

I won’t lie to you, faithful readers. I’ve been on a Teresa Wright kick for the past month and that is why I am recommending this film. I just want you to watch Wright. Isn’t she just the loveliest?


Thursday February 27: Two Women at 4:00PM
1 Win: Best Actress 1962


Sophia Loren in her only competitive Oscar winning performance

This film is very intense and, at times, hard to watch. Although the story takes place during WWII, it’s not about battles or soldiers, but rather about the innocent people that war effects and the tragedy that engulfs their lives.  Sophia Loren probably gives the best performance of her lifetime and, for it, was rewarded with a Best Actress Oscar – the first to go to a non-English speaking performance.


Friday February 28: The Philadelphia Story at 9:15AM
2 Wins: Best Actor, Best Writing-Screenplay; 4 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director 1941

Annex - Hepburn, Katharine (Philadelphia Story, The)_17

George Cukor directing Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant

I know — you’ve seen this one a billion times and probably know every word by heart. But I ask you: Have you ever stopped laughing? I know I haven’t. So, if you just need a good, hardy guffaw, just watch the darn film. You won’t ever be disappointed.


Saturday March 1: Grand Hotel at 7:30AM
1 Win: Best Picture 1932

the grand hotl

Dude, back off. She just wants to be alone.

What’s interesting about this film is that its ‘whole’ is truly greater than the sum of all its parts. Why do I say that? Well, the film won the 1932 Oscar for Best Picture. You know what else it was nominated for – nothing. That’s right, a Best Picture film with nothing else that is considered “best.” Do the math and you’ll see that I’m right.


Sunday March 2: Lawrence of Arabia at 4:00PM
7 Wins: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography-Color, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration-Color, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Music-Score – Substantially Original; 3 Nominations: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing-Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium 1963


Seriously, watch the Blu ray. It’s worth your time.

This whole film is just brilliant. From the direction to the cinematography to the acting and I’m sure right down to the craft services on set, this film represents the very best of the filmic epic. I only hope that TCM shows the HD restoration. It is truly a different experience all together.


Monday March 3: Alice Adams at 2:00PM
2 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress 1936


The great Katharine Hepburn

And for my last recommendation, I give you Alice Adams. I chose it because Hepburn absolutely breaks my heart in this film. And there is nothing I like better than a film that breaks my heart.


Minoo Allen for Classic Movie Hub

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