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Dynamic Duos in Classic Film: Doris Day and Rock Hudson

Doris Day and Rock Hudson: Always Good for a Smile I’m not exactly sure when I first ‘discovered’ the Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies, but I do remember that it was at some point in my childhood when my parents … Continue reading

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TCM Star of the Month: Rock Hudson

  Rock Hudson: The Tale of Two Legacies  As I’m sure you are well aware, every month Turner Classic Movies celebrates a certain star from the classic era. For an entire month TCM dedicates their Thursday prime-time slot to one … Continue reading

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Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Thelma Ritter

  Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Thelma Ritter, born February 14th, 1902! Friendship is something most people strive for. Humans are naturally social, pack-like animals. We like to be in groups, we like to play on teams, and in … Continue reading

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Mini Tribute: Director Michael Gordon

Born September 6, 1909 Director Michael Gordon! Michael Gordon directed over 20 films, including I Can Get It For You Wholesale, Cyrano de Bergerac, Move Over Darling and my personal favorite Pillow Talk! You are my inspiration (insert name here). … Continue reading

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