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Classic Movie Travels: Doug McPhail

Classic Movie Travels: Doug McPhailLos Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills While Doug McPhail’s name may not be well remembered today, his brief time in the film industry is to be appreciated. Typically appearing in lighthearted musical fare with his booming, … Continue reading

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All in the Family: Jeanette MacDonald and Marie Blake

Sisters Jeanette MacDonald and Marie Blake… Marie Blake, also known as Blossom Rock (Rock being her married name), was born Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald on August 21, 1895 in Philadelphia to Daniel and Anne MacDonald.  Marie was the elder sister … Continue reading

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Honor, Duty, Country: Veterans of the Classic Hollywood Era

Honor, Duty, Country.  These famous words spoken by General Douglas MacArthur are mantra to which all the men and women in the armed forces live by. When the call of duty arises, they are the first to put country before … Continue reading

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