Mini Tribute: Joseph L. Mankiewicz at Work

Born February 11, in 1909, Director/Producer/Screenwriter Joseph L. Mankiewicz!

During his long Hollywood career, Joseph L. Mankiewicz directed, produced and/or wrote screenplays for some of the most beloved classic movies, among them The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (producer), A Letter to Three Wives (director, screenplay), All About Eve (director, screenplay), The Barefoot Contessa (director, screenplay), Guys and Dolls (director), Suddenly Last Summer (director), The Philadelphia Story (producer), Woman of the Year (producer) and Cleopatra (director, screenplay) which . Along the way, he was nominated for nine Academy Awards, winning four — two for All About Eve (Best Director, Best Writing Screenplay) and two for A Letter to Three Wives (Best Director, Best Writing Screenplay).

“Every screenwriter worthy of the name has already directed his film when he has written his script.” – Joseph L Mankiewicz

So, in celebration of Mankiewicz and his work, lets take a peek at some behind-the-scenes photos:

Jean Simmons and Joseph L. Mankiewicz on the set of Guys and Dolls 1955

With Jean Simmons on the set of Guys and Dolls 1955 (Mankiewicz, director and screenplay)


joseph-l-mankiewicz Suddenly Last Summer 1959 elizabeth taylor

With Elizabeth Taylor, Suddenly Last Summer 1959 (Mankiewicz, director)


joseph l mankiewicz No Way Out 1950 - with Linda Darnell et Sidney Poitier

With Linda Darnell and Sidney Poitier, No Way Out 1950 (Mankiewicz director and screenplay)


joseph l mankiewicz Jules César (Julius Caesar, 1953) - avec John Gielgud, Greer Garson et Deborah Kerr

With John Gielgud, Greer Garson and Deborah Kerr, Julius Caesar 1953 (Mankiewicz, director, screenplay uncredited)


joseph l mankiewicz (The Barefoot Contessa, 1954) - avec Ava Gardner

With Ava Gardner, The Barefoot Contessa 1954 (Mankiewicz, director, screenplay)


joseph-l-mankiewicz cleopatra elizabeth taylor

With Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra 1963 (Mankiewicz, director, screenplay)


And let us not forget… Joseph L Mankiewicz’s great-nephew is TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz. And to clarify further, Joseph was the younger brother of Herman J. Mankiewicz (writer/producer) who was Ben’s grandfather…

ben mankiewicz


–Annmarie for Classic Movie Hub


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