Mini Tribute: Arnold Stang

Born September 28, 1918 Character Actor Arnold Stang

With thick black glasses and inimitable squawky voice, Arnold Stang‘s career spans radio, Broadway, television and film. His film and TV appearances include My Sister Eileen (uncredited debut role), The Man with the Golden Arm (Sinatra’s seedy friend Sparrow), Dondi (Peewee), It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (gas station owner Ray) — and, most famously, the voice of “the indisputable leader of the gang” Top Cat!

“I’ve worked with practically every star in the business and I’ve had all the excitement without any of the crushing responsibilities.”
-Arnold Stang

Arnold Stang and Top Cat

Arnold Stang as himself and as Top Cat


Top Cat, the most effectual
Top Cat, who’s intellectual
Close friends get to call him T.C.
Providing it’s with dignity
Top Cat – the indisputable leader of the gang

He’s the boss, he’s the pip
He’s the championship
He’s the most tip top
Top Cat

Yes he’s the chief, he’s the king
But above everything
He’s the most tip top
Top Cat


–Annmarie for Classic Movie Hub

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  1. I’ve got a big collection of Arnold Stang pictures, records, clippings, etc. Happy to find other Arnold Stang fans here. Cheers

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