Kino Lorber Oscar Blu-Ray/DVD Giveaway Promotion (February via Twitter)

Celebrating Oscar Month with Kino Lorber!
DVD/Blu-Ray Giveaway, Winner’s Choice of 4 Classic Titles

This month we celebrate the Oscars courtesy of Kino Lorber! We are happy to say that we have TEN classic DVD or Blu-Rays to giveaway on Twitter this month, winners’ choice of four titles. But please stay tuned because we’ll also be giving away TWO more DVDs/Blu-Rays via a separate Facebook/Blog giveaway this month too. That said, here we go…

betsy blair ernest borgning marty meeting mamaBetsy Blair and Ernest Borgnine in Marty, 1955 – Won four Oscars (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Screenplay)

In order to qualify to win one of these prizes via this contest giveaway, you must complete the below entry task by Saturday, March 3 at 10PM EST. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have of winning, because we will pick two winners on five different days within the contest period, via random drawings, as listed below… So if you don’t win the first week that you enter, you will still be eligible to win during the following weeks until the contest is over.

  • February 3: Two Winners
  • February 10: Two Winners
  • February 17: Two Winners
  • February 24: Two Winners
  • March 3: Two Winners

We will announce each week’s winner on Twitter @ClassicMovieHub (or this blog, depending how you entered), the day after each winner is picked at 10PM EST — for example, we will announce our first week’s winners on Sunday February 4 at 10PM EST.


Here are the titles up for grabs:




Marty (1955): Blu-Ray or DVD available. Mastered in HD – “I’ve been looking for a girl every Saturday night of my life,” says Marty Piletti (Ernest Borgnine, The Wild Bunch). Yet, despite all his efforts, this 34- year old Bronx butcher remains as shy and uncomfortable around women today as on the day he was born. So when he meets Clara (Betsy Blair), a lonely schoolteacher who’s just as smitten with him as he is with her, Marty’s on top of the world. But not everyone around him shares Marty’s joy. And when his friends and family continually find fault with Clara, even Marty begins to question his newfound love – until he discovers, in an extraordinary way, the strength and courage to follow his heart. Winner of 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Director (Delbert Mann, Separate Tables), Actor (Borgnine) and Screenplay (Paddy Chayefsky, Network). Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, and Art Direction.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957):  Blu-Ray or DVD available. Screen legends Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton star in this “brilliantly made courtroom drama” (Film Daily) that left audiences reeling from its surprise twists and shocking climax. Directed by Billy Wilder, scripted by Wilder and Harry Kurnitz, and based on Agatha Christie’s hit London play, this splendid, one-of-a-kind classic “crackles with emotional electricity” (The New York Times) and continues to keep movie lovers riveted until the final, mesmerizing frame. When a wealthy widow is found murdered, her married suitor, Leonard Vole (Power), is accused of the crime. Vole’s only hope for acquittal is the testimony of his wife (Dietrich)… but his airtight alibi shatters when she reveals some shocking secrets of her own! Nominated for 6 Academy Awards® including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Laughton) and Supporting Actress (Elsa Lanchester).

A Farewell to Arms (1932):  Blu-Ray or DVD available. A ravishing adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s legendary novel, A FAREWELL TO ARMS stars Gary Cooper (High Noon) as Lt. Frederic Henry, a young ambulance driver for the Italian army in WWI, more interested in chasing women than the enemy. When seeking cover during an air raid, he encounters Nurse Catherine Barkley (a radiant Helen Hayes), and the world shifts under his feet. They fall in love, but the war keeps wrenching them apart. These painful separations force Frederic to choose between love and battle, a decision that tests him morally and spiritually, and leads to one of the most rapturously romantic endings of all time. Directed by the great Frank Borzage, winner of Best Director Oscars for 7TH HEAVEN (1927) and BAD GIRL (1931), A FAREWELL TO ARMS was a Best Picture nominee, and one of the crowning achievements of the studio system. Also a nominee for Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Recording, and Best Art Direction.

The Ox-Bow Incident (1943):  ONLY Blu-Ray available. Brand New 4K Restoration! Gil Carter (Henry Fonda, My Darling Clementine) and Art Croft (Henry Morgan, Dragnet) ride into a town frustrated by the prevalence of cattle rustlers. Suddenly, word comes that a popular rancher has been murdered, which puts the already enraged town over the edge. When the spiteful mayor forms a posse, Gil and Croft are swept up in their mission – to seek vengeance – even upon those innocent of any wrongdoing. As it becomes clear that bloodlust may win out over rationality, the tension mounts in this masterpiece with its timeless message about the dangers of mob mentality. The great William Wellman (Yellow Sky) directed this classic western, which was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award® and featured a stellar cast that includes Dana Andrews (Boomerang) and Anthony Quinn (Across 110th Street).

Witness-For-The-Prosecution marlene dietrich charles laughtonMarlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton in Witness for the Prosecution, 1957 – nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor


ENTRY TASK (2-parts) to be completed by Saturday, March 3 at 10PM EST— BUT remember, the sooner you enter, the more chances you have to win…

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post

2) Then TWEET (not DM) the following message:
Just entered to win the Oscar Celebration #DVDGiveaway courtesy of @KinoLorber and @ClassicMovieHub #CMHContest link:

Which of the above films would you like to win and why? 

*If you do not have a Twitter account, you can still enter the contest by simply answering the above question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog — BUT PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ADD THIS VERBIAGE TO YOUR ANSWER: I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

ALSO: Please allow us 48 hours to approve your comments. Sorry about that, but we are being overwhelmed with spam, and must sort through 100s of comments…


You can visit Kino Lorber on their website, on Twitter at @KinoLorber or on Facebook.

Please note that only Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) entrants are eligible.

And — BlogHub members ARE eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above).

For complete rules, click here.

And if you can’t wait to win any of these titles, you can click on the images below to purchase on amazon :)


Good Luck!

–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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63 Responses to Kino Lorber Oscar Blu-Ray/DVD Giveaway Promotion (February via Twitter)

  1. Kassidy J Jacobs says:

    I would love to win A Farewell to Arms because I just finished reading it for my English class! I fell in love with Hemingway’s prose and would love to see it brought to life. It is such a compelling story about war that is just so real and raw. I do not have a Twitter account so I am posting the message here.

  2. Daniel G. says:

    Witness for the Prosecution seems like a sure thing! How can you go wrong with Billy Wilder adapting an Agatha Christie play starring Charles Laughton & Marlene Dietrich. I’m already intrigued by the mystery.

    *I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  3. Vickie L Gleason says:

    Wow this is a tough one! I like them all! But Marty is my old standbye favorite so guess I need to go with that. Love the story and the cast!

  4. Mary Mallory says:

    I’d like to win THE OX BOW INCIDENT, it’s so moving and thoughtful, about thinking before taking action, and the consequences of those actions. Sad that it’s still so timely too.

  5. Billy Slobin says:

    I would love to win a copy of Witness for the Prosecution (1957)!
    It is a brilliant film with great twists and turns all the way to the end.
    I love Marlene Dietrich, Laughton and Ty Power and most of all Billy Wilder!!!
    Thanks so much Annmarie!

  6. Javier Valverde says:

    I would like to win the film Marty (1955) because the beautiful love story portrayed by Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair touched my heart when I first saw the film a couple of years ago. Also I like the performance of Esther Minciotti as Marty’s mother because she reminds me of my Mom.

  7. Richie Rainville says:

    Witness for the prosecution
    i just love the classic films and having an opportunity to win one is an easy reason to enter

  8. Kathleen Granados says:

    I would love to win “Marty,” because every time I watch that film, it’s as it’s the very first time. Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair give performances that are so tender, I’m always moved to tears.

  9. Laura A. says:

    I would pick Witness for the Prosecution because I’ve never seen it and I’m trying to watch more Dietrich!

  10. Gloria Elizabeth says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.
    All four of these are appealing! I’d choose THE OX-BOW INCIDENT as I read the book as a teenager but have never seen the movie.

  11. Emma Stone says:

    Having seen every single Best Picture nominee the past 6 months, this is a particularly tricky decision choosing my favorite of these four…

    I guess I’ll go with A Farewell to Arms, the cinematography by Charles Lang must look SUPERB on Blu-ray.

  12. Rochelle Zaks says:

    I’d pick Witness for the Prosecution (1957). Well, simply put, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s based off of Agatha Christie’s play, and Agatha Christie is my favorite author. Then the cast is phenomenal. Marlene Dietrich is one of my favorite actresses and people to ever live, and her performance deserved an Oscar. (She didn’t even get a nomination, how?) Charles Laughton in this film is one of my favorite of his roles. Elsa Lanchester adds some great comedic effect, especially in her scenes with Laughton. Of course Tyrone Power as the man being put on trial, his performance was terrific. This movie for me is perfect. Also this is just another example of Billy Wilder’s great work. I think I’ve mentioned it to every person I’ve met. I even did a oral presentation about Witness for the Prosecution (1957) for an English class assignment. The suspense, the plot, the acting, THE TWIST ENDING, could not have been done better. Witness for the Prosecution is Old Hollywood amazingness in one film.

  13. Stuart Cook says:

    I would like to have Kino’s restoration of A FAREWELL TO ARMS. I saw a theatrical screening back in the 80’s of the original Paramount cut and would love to see this Blu-Ray of it. It’s a great Frank Borzage film, whose direction I have always enjoyed.
    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  14. David Hollingsworth says:

    I would love to win The Ox-Bow Incident, because it seems to be a film that is chillingly relevant now. Also, I have never seen it.

  15. I would like to win The Ox Bow Incident, as it may be the best Western that I don’t already own.

  16. Mark PAGAN says:

    My pick would be “Witness..” as it’s the one I’d want most to see of the three (already own “Marty”). Yet to be convinced of the Hemingway hype, and I find westerns to be a variable experience – narrows it down!

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  18. You guys never ask the easy questions. With sweat beading on my brow, I’d say Witness for the Prosecution just barely – barely! – beats out Marty. I’ve only seen the last half of Witness, and somehow never found myself in the same room with the first half!

  19. Nancy says:

    I’d like to win A Farewell to Arms because I haven’t seen it and I love Hemingway (and also because I already own Marty, one of my all-time faves)!

  20. Adrian Hickman says:

    Witness For The Prosecution, a tough choice, almost went Ox Bow.

  21. bill norris says:

    Ox Bow incident, cause Henry Fonda is the man and i have not seen this yet.

  22. Chris Teel says:

    Witness for the Prosecution. Dietrich and Laughton together was a great pairing, two powerful actors in a great story.

  23. Brett Doze says:

    I would love to win “Marty” because I am slowly but surely building a blu-ray collection of Best Picture winners and I don’t have that one yet! I think “Marty” is often one of the more forgotten winners of the coveted award, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it!

  24. Ox-Bow; Never seen it

  25. Christian Ramos says:

    I would love to win Witness for the Prosecution! I’ve seen it before and was blown away from Laughton’s performance after seeing him (younger) in Mutiny on the Bounty. The film itself is splendid of course, because it has Billy Wilder’s name attached to it and that man can do no wrong.

  26. I would like to win “The Ox-Bow Incident” because I’ve heard it is one of the greatest Westerns and I have not seen the whole movie.

  27. Joel R. says:

    Ox Bow Incident, a film where there really aren’t any good guys, different for a Western of that era.

  28. Michael Vaughn says:

    I would like to win Witness for the Prosecution because its one of my favorite films and features an incredible cast of actors and a well crafted twist and turn plot. Fingers crossed!

  29. S. A. Young says:

    While all four are among my favorites, I’d have to choose Witness for the Prosecution. It’s a film I can and have watched over and over again and it NEVER gets old. As someone else remarked, Billy Wilder directing his own adaptation of Agatha Christie starring Charles Laughton, Marlena Dietrich (in her best role since Destry Rides Again, imho) and Tyrone Power, not to mention a handful of some of the best British characters actors of the time (Henry Daniell, Una O’Connor, Norma Varden, John Williams and Ian Wolfe) – what’s not to love? Laughton and his wife, Elsa Lanchester, were always a great pair onscreen and they were brilliant here. I don’t have to tell Classic Movie Hub how terrific this movie is, but if you’re reading this and you have not yet seen it, remedy that as soon as possible!

  30. Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    I would love to win the Ox Bow Incident. I am a huge fan of Henry Fonda as an actor and the Ox Box Incident explores the question of justice and mass fear in ways that continue to remain relevant.

  31. I would like to win either Marty or a farewell to arms. I’d like to give Marty a chance as it seems so charming! And A farewell to arms is a Cooper classic so it must be good! @flapperdame16 on twitter- for your convience!

  32. Adam says:

    If I won I’d love Witness for the Prosecution, such a great film that I haven’t seen in years. This is the perfect opportunity to give it another watch!

  33. Brandy says:

    I guess I would pick Marty because Ernest Borgnine is in it & it’s a classic.

  34. S.J. McCue says:

    All four of these amazing classic films stand the test of time, it’s a tough choice. I’d personally have to go with Marty with an amazing performance by Ernest Borgnine, and secondly by a farewell to arms. Don’t count Witness to the Prosecution, or The Ox Bow Incident short, both are awesome in their own right.

  35. Cheryl Cercopely says:

    I would love to have Witness For The Prosecution! Power, Dietrich, and Laughton; what a combo!

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Cheryl, I can’t seem to find your tweet. Please confirm that you tweeted or let me know if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks.

  36. Josh Wilson says:

    I’m going to say, I’d like to win WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION. I’ve not seen it, but I watched a bunch of Marlene Dietrich movies last year, and she is incredible in whatever she appears in.

  37. JONATHAN CRAIG says:

    I would love to have The Ox-Bow Incident because I’m anxious to see this new 4K restoration. KL does amazing work with their Blu-rays and from what I hear this one is simply stunning. Plus, I love Henry Fonda!

  38. Peter Bayley says:

    I’m so familiar with the other three (all terrific, BTW) that it would have to be “Witness For The Prosecution” for me. Old courtroom dramas are always so effective, it seems. I think that comes from the credibility of the actors – leading and supporting characters. Una O’connor, Elsa Lanchester (Mrs. Laughton, of course, in life), Henry Daniell all contribute realistic support to Laughton’s usual scene-stealing braggadccio. On this occasion, he makes it work, no doubt well-coached by the brilliant Wilder’s direction. He really knew how to get the best from giant egos with talent like Laughton and Dietrich, but also draw good, sympathetic performances from lesser talents like Power. And it’s written by Agatha Christie: what else could you want!?!

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Peter, I can’t seem to find your tweet. Please confirm that you tweeted or let me know if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks.

  39. I’d probably go with The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) because of Wellman.

  40. I would love to win Witness for the Prosecution. It’s a film my dad introduced to me when I was a kid. Thank you!

  41. jaydro says:

    I would love to win the Witness For the Prosecution blu-ray because I’ve never seen it, I’m a Billy Wilder fan, and I just recently saw Preminger’s contemporary Anatomy of a Murder for the first time.

  42. Jim Phoel says:

    Witness for the Prosecution, because:
    Directed & co-written by Billy Wilder, based on an Agatha Christie play starring Charles Laughton & Marlene Dietrich. Winning.

  43. Brad Harju says:

    I would like to win Witness for the Prosecution because I enjoy mysteries and old black and white movies. I also like the actors and actresses in the movie and Billy Wilder is a great director. Thanks!!

  44. Alyanna Marie Madarang says:

    I woul like to win A Farewell to Arms not only because it was a novel adapted to film but becauae Gary Cooper stars this film!!! And wouldn’t that be reason enough?

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Alyanna, I can’t seem to find your tweet. Please confirm that you tweeted or let me know if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks!

  45. Sara Stewart says:

    Marty, I identified with the characters a lot growing up. Not the prettiest or popular, just hoping that someone could see the person inside

  46. Mike Drinkard says:

    The Ox Bow Incident. Great stuff!

  47. Anthony Bejarano says:

    I would love to win A FAREWELL TO ARMS. I’m completely fascinated by Pre-Code cinema, films from the early part of film history based on then-recently-released novels, and films from iconic stars (in this case, Cooper) from before their images were cemented in pop culture (in the case of Cooper, this is years before MR. DEEDS and his everyman persona.

  48. Rachel says:

    Marty! I love this movie and would enjoy watching it with my family!

  49. Sam says:

    I honestly believe that some of the best movies ever made were way back when. I dont want to forget them I want to own them and share them with my loved ones. We should be celebrating them. Without them cinema would not be what it is today!!

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Sam, I can’t seem to find your tweet. Could you please confirm you tweeted or let me know if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks!

  50. Tim says:

    Witness for the prosecution. Why? Marlene!!!!

  51. David Deddo says:

    I would love to win The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) as I’ve never actually seen it and I love classic westerns.

  52. All of them are classic and I would love to win any of them. If I had choice I would pick “Witness for the prosecution” followed by “Marty”.

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Babak, I can’t seem to find your tweet. Could you please confirm that you tweeted or let me know if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks!

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